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When Friendships Change

We all know how this goes.  Friendships change.  Over the course of my life I have had many friends come and go.  A season of friendships if you will.  Some people have come into my life and left a mark and others just fade out.  I know that this sounds mean and horrible but it's… Continue reading When Friendships Change

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In Need of A Refill

My walk has not been right in a while.  I need a refill in a big way.   I have been strugglin with my walk for a bit now.  I have lost my cool and those old habits come back quick.  I try to curb my mouth the best I can and honestly, some days I… Continue reading In Need of A Refill

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The Natural Way Through Menopause

As I was talking about in Pre To The Pause  I did some research on natural supplements that can aide in the symptoms of menopause.  I am not a DR or licensed anything, this is just based off research of treating menopause with herbal supplements.  Each are highly suggested and each have different benefits to treat… Continue reading The Natural Way Through Menopause

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The Mom Struggle Is Real: Trying to Survive The Teen Years

I am really not sure either of us will make it through the teen years.  Problem is I still have one more(child) to go.   I have been hitting motherhood lows.  Round 2  F I G H T It is not a fabulous feeling when your son, who use to be the sweetest kid on the… Continue reading The Mom Struggle Is Real: Trying to Survive The Teen Years

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When You Have A Loved One Fighting Addiction

This is a hard one for me to write, because someone I love is in a battle with addiction.  Sadly they just don't see it that way.  I have wrestled with whether to even post this or not.   Addiction is a horrible thing.  It effects everyone around the person who struggles with it.  It damages… Continue reading When You Have A Loved One Fighting Addiction