What I Love About Being a Mom to Boys

I love so so many things about being a boymom.  One of my favorite things is I get to share all things NERD/GEEK with them and they love it.  We are a Sci-Fi loving family, we can talk about Doctor Who or Firefly and people look at us funny.  We do superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, The Avengers(and all those guys in the Marvel-verse.)


Don’t get me wrong I like my girly stuff too, I like pretty shiny things.  But there is just something about having all boys that is just awesome.  I tend to geek out just as much(sometimes if not more) as them about the new Star Wars or the Wonder Woman movies coming out.  I don’t freak out when they leave a fake snake on my nightstand, attempting to scare me.  I don’t mind feeding our Leopard Gecko meal-worms.  I will admit that I did cry for 20 minutes when the ultrasound tech told me that Noah was a boy, not girl for me as he was our last and final…. but after a few moments, I was okay.  God knew what he was doing.  I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl at that point.  We do blue and camo, dirt and gross stuff in this house and I am cool with that.  Who knew that toots, burps and poop were that funny!

For Christmas this past year we got them a basketball hoop for the drive-way.  Not going lie I like getting out there with them and shooting hoops.  We have had several great afternoons/evenings as a family shooting basketball.  I love that I get to be the main girl for 4 awesome dudes(husband included).  Sadly for future wives, I do have 3 momma’s boys.  I still get snuggles from all 3 from time to time, yes even the 19 year old, granted I do miss the snuggles when it was all the time.


When it comes down to it I take the job of having boys seriously.  My husband and I teach them how to cook, clean and do laundry, I tell them that chicks dig a guy that can do these things.  *wink*  We are shaping and grooming future MEN!!  Future family leaders.  We are shaping someones dad or husband.  All the more reason it is important for me to be an example of a woman of faith for my boys.  This literally was one of the first things I thought about after being born again.  How will I help mold these boys in to men of God?

That’s huge!!

I am doing my best to be a soft place for my boys to land when and if they need me.   Since my oldest was born I have grown so much as a person.  I have learned patience where I use to have zero.  I have learned how to negotiate with them and myself on “is this really worth being upset over?” I have learned that yes you can have enough love inside you for all 3 if not more.  Thankfully my being backslid for a few years didn’t hinder this.  I am not a perfect parent trust me that I have made many many mistakes.  I don’t always do or say the right thing, but I learn and move forward.  I have guilt over some things which were necessary evils at the time and I am working on them with the help of our merciful Father.


My husband and I are hopefully teaching them to be hard working, honest men of good character.  We teach them that you have to work for things in life and how to handle money.  Now that they are older and getting older we instruct(?), encourage(?) what type of qualities that a girlfriend should and should not have.  My oldest started to dated this girl(that I didn’t care for at all, questionable character) I asked is she someone that you would introduce your grandparents to?  Or feel comfortable inviting her here for dinner?  He had to think for a while, that’s when I said that “since it took that long the answer is no, and she is not the type of person to date”.  All of these are things that we think about yet some don’t think about with any child.

c91a06f7d3f0bc28be7e296183aa875fAll and all being a boymom has its trials but so many more joys.  I continually encourage my boys to strengthen there relationships with each other.  Because one day you may need the shoulder of your brother.  Thankfully as they get older I see more of a bond.  When the boys were younger the book I read to them most was Guess How Much I Love You.  Which sparked I love you to the moon and back until Noah wanted to go bigger.  We tried I love you to infinity and beyond, but now we say I love you around the universe.

Nothing makes my heart happier than to see my boys and husband play or goof around.  To hear them laugh and giggle is one of my most favorite sounds.  I have learned to sit back and watch them and try to freeze the images in my mind.  I realized how much I don’t remember like funny phrases, stories and looks on faces.  It goes by so so fast.  I know that one day soon I will have to release them into the world and they won’t be ALL mine anymore.  I am very thankful that God allowed me to be their mom.  I love my boymom life more than I could have ever imagined.

***side note*This was a very emotional post for me.  With my oldests graduation, my middle son with only 3 more years left of high school(1 more until Collegiate High School), and my youngest entering middle school next year, I am fully aware that my time with my boys is getting shorter.  Its very hard to type and bawl your eyes out at the same time**

God Bless Y’all

Rachael SIG


3 thoughts on “What I Love About Being a Mom to Boys

  1. Thanks Rachel, as a mom of a boy, I can totally relate! Thanks for your thoughts on raising godly men to be the husbands, fathers and leaders we need and God has planned for them in the future!

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  2. OH, Rachel!! I’m a #boymom, too! And we do the SAME things with Guess How Much I Love You!! I always get to win, because I tell them I got to grow them in my belly!! God certainly knew what He was doing giving me all boys, too! I can barely do my own hair…let alone anybody else’s! LOL May God bless your mission for training up Godly men!

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