A Letter to My Husband


With Father’s Day fast approaching I wanted to take some time and write a letter to my husband, to let him know how amazing he is to our family.  I also want to let him know how important he is to me and how grateful I am to have him in my life.


I am so blessed to have you in my life to love me the way you do.  You spoil me without a blink of an eye and with no prompting.  You love me unconditionally.  You are a strong, intelligent, compassionate, and loving man.  You would give someone in need the shirt off your back, because it’s who you are.  You have a servant heart, though many may never see that.

Untitled designOver the years we have been through many trials.  Some that almost broke us because they rocked us to the core, but we managed by the grace of God and we persevered.  I can honestly and with great certainty say that I love you so much more than the day we married almost 16 years ago.  The fact that we have worked together on our marriage and never gave up, even though one or both wanted to, says something.  It has been my honor to be by your side through thick and thin, through struggles financially, and all of the times of of amazing joy.  There is no other place I’d rather be than at your side with you.  You drive me crazy and more so when you get cranky.  You make horrible messes in the kitchen, you test my limits, but through it all, I love you more.  I have seen you at your worst and loved you just as I have seen you at your best and loved you.  You make me laugh, you make me cry(not in a bad way), you support me, you protect me, you love me without hesitation.

We have also had many adventures.  Being a proud Navy wife was one of my favorites.  It was hard during deployments but we made it through.  The moving and being away from family & friends wasn’t the best, but we had each other.   Crazy nights out, amazing nights in, fishing, hunting, camping and the purchase of chickens.  We have had so many good times together, I can’t wait for more.

One of my most favorite pictures of us @ The Lightening v. Sabres game!! (I think its because you are actually smiling-ish!!) You should smile more it makes you look happy and your eyes dance.  & I do love those blue eyes.

I love our life, struggle and all.  I love making memories with you and our boys.  Despite your fears, you are an amazing dad to our boys.  Even when you get frustrated and want to snap, your love for them shows.  They may not see it or always see it but one day they will look back and know that you were firm out of love, they will remember laughing with you, they will remember being silly with you, they will remember doing things with you.  They will remember that time we huddle together in the car to get warm because it was 20 degrees out and we were camping.  They will remember you cheering them on at meets, the games of basketball in the drive-way, and you letting them pick on you to make you laugh.  They will see your strength that I see in you, if they don’t already.

My hope and prayer is that you develop a closer relationship with God.  That we pray together and read the word together, not only as a couple but as a family.  I have seen what He can do and I can truthfully say that we will only benefit from putting the Father first in our family.  I want our boys to be strong men of God.  You already know that I pray for you.  It is how I pray for you, I pray for your salvation, your walk with God, your well being, your health, your job, your success, and your boss.  Head-to-toe inside and out daily.  I do it because I love you that much.  You are my other half, my soft place to land, my happy place.

With the boys. since you hate pictures so much I don’t have many of the 4 of you together.

Know that you are loved, valued and appreciated in everything you do.  I may not show it as often as I should, but everything you do means the world to me.  All of your hard work and strength (trust me its there), determination, , your drive, class (Lord, yes I just said class you do have it from time to time, hehe) shows in all that you do.  I appreciate your straight shooter take on life, though at times the lack of tact bothers me.  You are a no fear, honest, tell it like it is, no fluff kinda guy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love you around the universe!  I love you more!  I will love you when you are old and wrinkly!  I love you when you are being a poop.  I love you when you are being sweet and loving.  I am blessed beyond measure with you in my life, my husband, my best friend, my partner in crime, the father to our amazing sons.


The Following is a Guest Post from my son Jacob (14 years old).


I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart. You are, and always have been there for me when I needed you the most. I have always looked up to in more ways than one. I love you, and even that red beard of yours ( Even though you don’t like when I mess with it ). When I am older I wish to have the same qualities as you. I want your Love and Compassion, your Strength and Humor. I enjoy it when you come to my swim meets and cheer ( * Yelling Loudly *) me on. You are always telling me the ways that I can improve. You have taught me a lot.

I also have come to the conclusion that you are Batman.

1. You have a certain liking to him

2.  You have a Batman mask

3.  I never see you guys together

Either way you have always been my Hero.

Thank you for everthing.

Love you,


The Following is a Guest Post from my son Noah (11 years old).


I appreciate all that you do for me and for the rest of us.  You are the best dad that anyone can ever have.  I have had so much fun over my life.

I really love the fact that you love me from the bottom of your heart and I love you more that you can imagine.  You are always there for me and I really enjoy your help with all that I do.  You guide me with your voice all through my life.  I can do anything that you can imagine I can do because of you.  I love you so much and Happy Fathers Day Dad —-I love you around the Universe, Love Noah.

Happy Fathers Day!!

Love Forever and Always,

Your Angel!!


God Bless Y’all

Rachael SIG


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