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Why Praying for Your Marriage is Important.


Marriage is always on my mind and heart.  Granted its usually my own.  With the events of this past week or so its been on my heart even more.  My blogging community learned of a Sister in Christ who is a strong leader and marriage advocate is headed towards divorce after a long battle with crushing blows to her own marriage.  Her grace and strength in this time are nothing but awe inspiring.  Couple that with a long conversation with a girlfriend about her marriage and how she is just at the end of her rope, this subject is heavy on my heart.

As I said normally I am thinking of my own marriage.  In the past almost year I haven’t stopped.  Even though we are in a good dare I say awesome place, I still pray for us and our relationship.  We have made it through some extreme hardships.  My husband does not feel comfortable with me sharing details, I will only say that twice we have been on divorces doorstep and twice we have pulled through.  Once about 9 years ago and once last year.  Both for very different reasons.  I prayed then and I prayed this last time the God would help us heal our wounded relationship.  

I fully understand relationship healing is not the case for everyone.  Our enemy knows our weak spots.  He knows the triggers and buttons to push.  He will throw blow after blow until you just can’t do anymore or move.  He is good.  We can’t let him win.  We need to put on our armor and protect what God has given to us.  I have mine on and I will continue to fight for what my husband and I have.

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It is so vital that we pray for not only our own marriages but others as well.  Everyone needs a boost every now and then.  You never know a marriage that you pray for may really need it.  They may be in a dark place and not know how to ask for help or be too ashamed or embarrassed.  Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.  James 4:10 |ESV|  In a day and age of people giving up on marriages I feel its important to use prayer as a tactic towards our marriages.  We entered into a covenant with our spouse.  It should not be taken lightly.


I am borrowing this idea from another blogger/author.  I love to make graphics so I thought I would try out a few phone wallpapers.  They can be used as a reminder to pray for your husband and your marriage.  I hope y’all enjoy these.

Either right click and save the photo’s or download the Phone Wallpaper PDF

Phone Wallpaper 6Phone Wallpaper1Phone Wallpaper 3Phone Wallpaper 4Phone Wallpaper 5Design1


God Bless Y’all



3 thoughts on “Why Praying for Your Marriage is Important.

  1. Great reminder of the power of prayer. Praying for marriages in this day and age is oh so important.

    I will share this on my Facebook page Spiritual Leaders of the Family…the wallpapers are awesome. I’m sure many will download them. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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