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In Need of A Refill

My walk has not been right in a while.  I need a refill in a big way.   I have been strugglin with my walk for a bit now.  I have lost my cool and those old habits come back quick.  I try to curb my mouth the best I can and honestly, some days I… Continue reading In Need of A Refill

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your “word/phrase” of 2018?

Firstly, I can not take credit for this idea.  I have seen several posts and talks about picking a word or phrase for the year in the last couple of months from many different people.  I loved this idea.  Who doesn't need a little push every now and again? So I thought that I would… Continue reading your “word/phrase” of 2018?

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The Perfect Christmas

Oh Sweetie there is no such thing as Perfect anything. (other than Star Wars The Last Jedi, I mean WHOA, that was the best thing I have seen in a while, I am kidding on the perfect part, sorta!) Let the idea of perfect GO!! Let go of trying to please everyone. At the start… Continue reading The Perfect Christmas

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15 Scriptures For Worry, Depression & Anxiety

I have gathered 15 scriptures for worry, depression and anxiety in the last week to help me move through this recent ruff patch.  When you are in the thick of it, you allow the devil to sneak in and distract you from what you know to be right.  I have my little mini arsenal now… Continue reading 15 Scriptures For Worry, Depression & Anxiety

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I am Here to Testify: My Full Testimony

God has put it on my heart to share my testimony over the last couple of weeks.   Yes I have an "about" page however that is just a snip of  the story.  Honestly I re-read that and its very jumpy and smashed together.  It was after all my first blog post!  Planning on a… Continue reading I am Here to Testify: My Full Testimony