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So I Married a Fuzzy Faced Redneck.

Once upon a time I met an amazing man that would become my husband.  He was 1000% different than the types of guys I normally dated.  He was a redneck.  A deer huntin, hog huntin, turkey huntin, gun lovin, fresh & salt water fishin, country music lovin, God & Country lovin redneck.   *Insert the "Well… Continue reading So I Married a Fuzzy Faced Redneck.

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Momma is About to Loose It!!

Have you had those mornings or days as a mom and just think....kid say one more thing, I mean just o n e  m o r e  t h i n g and I am going to LOOSE IT!!  Seriously, Com'on dude!!  I am not perfect so I DO have these days.  I have a… Continue reading Momma is About to Loose It!!

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15 Scriptures For Worry, Depression & Anxiety

I have gathered 15 scriptures for worry, depression and anxiety in the last week to help me move through this recent ruff patch.  When you are in the thick of it, you allow the devil to sneak in and distract you from what you know to be right.  I have my little mini arsenal now… Continue reading 15 Scriptures For Worry, Depression & Anxiety


Letting Go of the Darkness

I feel like a test has been failed.  Bombed, flunked, choked, did not pass go, did not collect $200.  I saw the test after the first couple of days and went the other way.  I just didn't want to life.  I didn't want to Christian, I didn't want to "DO" anything.  I am slowly getting… Continue reading Letting Go of the Darkness


Re-Branding The Page

Good Morning People of the Page.  After much thought I feel I need to make a few minor adjustments to my page.  It will still be a faith based page.  I will still do posts like I have been.  But I would also like to shift ever so slightly to also include posts about women… Continue reading Re-Branding The Page

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I am Here to Testify: My Full Testimony

God has put it on my heart to share my testimony over the last couple of weeks.   Yes I have an "about" page however that is just a snip of  the story.  Honestly I re-read that and its very jumpy and smashed together.  It was after all my first blog post!  Planning on a… Continue reading I am Here to Testify: My Full Testimony